Lars Hedegaard in the Wall Street Journal

Kudos to the Wall Street Journal Opinion Page and Editorial Board (especially Dorothy Rabinowitz) for publishing Lars Hedegaard's defiant tocsin of looming free speech calamity, "The Assassin at the Door" After laying out the details of the assassination attempt, Hedegaard updates us on the fact that the would be assassin has not been apprehended, and the likely motivation for his attack: However, everybody who has commented on the incident has assumed that the motive is political. Some people don't like what I have been saying or writing in recent years, and they want to silence me. It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what may have spurred the gunman or those who may have sent him. For years I have been a campaigner for free speech--since 2004 as president of Denmark's Free Press Society. I have been an outspoken critic of Islamic supremacism and of attempts to impose Islamic Shariah law in Denmark and the West. Together with my Swedish colleague Ingrid Carlqvist, I have recently...(Read Full Post)