Keith Ellison Redefines 'American'

Recently, as guest host on "Your World with Neil Cavuto, " Stuart Varney interviewed Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison on the appropriateness of "soak the rich" tax policies. Particularly, Varney was particularly interested in whether or not the congressman felt that it was fair for professional golfer Phil Mickelson to keep only 37% of what he earns, the remaining 63% going toward State of California and federal income taxes. In response to Varney's query, Ellison responded: I think it's fair to ask Phil Mickelson for a little bit more money to make sure that we can continue to invest in infrastructure in this country... to make sure that people who have the basics.... As a patriotic American, I'm sure Phil Mickelson would agree. There are at least a few reasons why Ellison's response here is problematic. For starters, and Rush Limbaugh has touched on this, Ellison employs the term "fairness" in the way that so many liberals are wont to; that is, he employs it so as to mean the...(Read Full Post)