Jindal: 2016 presidential candidates need their 'head examined'

The Louisiana governor, mentioned prominently as a potential candidate himself, thinks that before we even start talking about 2016, Republicans should get their own house in order. The Hill: "Anybody on the Republican side even thinking or talking about running for president in 2016, I've said, needs to get their head examined," Jindal told "Fox and Friends." "And the reason I say that is, we've lost two presidential elections in a row, we need to be winning the debate of ideas, then we'll win elections." Jindal, considered an early front-runner for the Republican nomination, said that the party's struggles despite polling showing a desire for smaller government was evidence that a reboot was necessary. "We're not winning the conversation, we're not presenting our ideas, we're not in that debate as well as we should be," Jindal said. The popular governor, who was re-elected last year, also said the nation was likely fatigued with presidential politics. "The country...(Read Full Post)