Israeli strike on Syrian truck convoy also hit WMD research site

You can tell how very worried Israel is getting about the conflict in Syria. To them, it doesn't matter who wins - both outcomes will be bad. The IAF strike on a convoy of trucks presumably carrying sophisticated missiles to Hezb'allah also hit a facility nearby that was engaged in research for chemical and biological weapons. New York Times: While the main target of the attack on Wednesday seems to have been SA-17 missiles and their launchers - which the Israelis feared were about to be moved to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon - video shown on Syrian television backs up assertions that the research center north of Damascus also suffered moderate damage. That complex, the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center, has been the target of American and Western sanctions for more than a decade because of intelligence suggesting that it was the training site for engineers who worked on chemical and biological weaponry. A senior United States military official, asked about...(Read Full Post)