Greens march on Washington to oppose pipeline

Actually, the Keystone pipeline is just the most visible of their complaints. What they really oppose is the modern world and their fervent belief in global warming underlines their commitment to downsizing industrial civilization. Washington Post: But the demonstrators tried to send him a message nonetheless, carrying signs opposing not only the proposed pipeline from Canada to Texas, but also opposing hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and coal plants. "Windmills, not oil spills," one placard said. Another said, "Fossil fuels? Fossil fools." And another: "Read my lips: no new carbons." Leaders of the rally said they wanted to press Obama to follow up on the strong rhetoric in his inaugural address about the need to slow climate change. The official posters at the rally borrowed Obama's campaign slogan "forward." They read: "Mr. President, Forward - on Climate." "Mr. President, we have heard what you've said on climate; we have loved a lot of what you've said on climate," said...(Read Full Post)