Governor Kasich embraces Medicaid expansion for Ohio

There are cries of anguish and accusations of betrayal in Ohio as Governor John Kasich has done an about face and will embrace Obamacare's expansion of Medicaid. The move highlights the difference between conservative governors who are responsible for the well being of their citizens, and conservative activists who aren't. Without the Medicaid expansion, the state would have faced dramatically escalating health care costs and the possibility that many rural health care centers would have been forced to close. Politico: Boehner, however, is giving Kasich a pass. "Gov. Kasich is no fan of Obamacare, and he's proven it repeatedly with his actions," said Boehner spokesman Michael Steel. "Governors are playing the hand they've been dealt by the Obama administration. Gov. Kasich said a strong 'no' to a state-run exchange and to federal takeovers of insurance regulation and Medicaid eligibility. Ohioans applauded him for these actions, and they trust that he's doing his best ...(Read Full Post)