Freedom of the Press (to Incite Murder)

Would you loudly accuse someone of being an anti-blue extremist if you knew there were deranged young men in the room with a history of killing people who criticize the color blue? Progressive media types around the world have spent years branding people like Lars Hedegaard as "haters," "racists," "promoters of intolerance," "alarmists," and "extremists," for warning of the dangers of the global caliphate movement. Throughout those years they have watched as numerous men and women they have so branded became targets of violence from Islamists, or of repression from their own politically correct governments. Now Hedegaard, already having suffered through his government's repressive machinations, has apparently become the latest famous victim of jihadist violence. (See Andrew Bostom's chronicling of the attempted murder of Hedegaard, here.)  And yet the penny never drops for the progressive media: their branding is helping to inflame violence and repression against people who...(Read Full Post)