First line of defense: whistles

What do you do when rapists start preying on young women at a university that proudly declares itself a gun-free zone? Why, of course, you start giving out free whistles. Yeah, that'll work. Oliver Darcy of writes: Administrators at Washington University in St. Louis are arming students with safety whistles following a series of armed robberies. The university, however, plans to maintain their ban on guns. The whistles are meant to "frighten away" would be evil doers, WU spokesman Steven Givens told Campus Reform Wednesday. "The whistle can signal your need for help, frighten away someone who means harm to you, or alert others to call the police," said Givens. [Note: As they old saying goes, "When seconds count, police are there in minutes."] The whistles, which cost the university roughly $2,000, are available to students free of charge and represent a "safe" and "non-violent" way to defend against criminals, he added. "The Defender is shrill, loud, and of very high...(Read Full Post)