Environmentalism is not healthy for children and other humans

While the non scientific, generously funded environmentalists prattle on about their concern for the planet, they are often callously indifferent to the consequences their imposed laws, reflecting these concerns, have on the real people living on the planet. Closing coal mines and coal based power generating plants resulting in lost jobs and more expensive power, diverting corn production from food and feed to so called bio friendly fuels causing a huge spike in food costs striking the economically vulnerable especially hard are merely unpleasant side effects to the generally affluent environmentalists.  After all, to them, the minor benefit of, maybe, marginally cleaner air is well worth it.   So, if banning the common plastic shopping bags, a particular bête noire of the environmental hand wringers,for trendy reusable sacks, causes the deaths of a few people but saves a few animals, ban the plastic.  And that is what happens as researchers at the...(Read Full Post)