Emergency Broadcast System at Montana TV station hacked

With news that the White House is set to issue a new cybersecurity executive order on Wednesday, a hacker in Montana managed to tap into the Emergency Broadcast System and air a terrifying message. PC Magazine: If you happened to be watching the Steve Wilkos show on KRTV in Montana this week, an episode exploring "teen cheaters who take lie detector tests" was interrupted by a confusing and possibly terrifying emergency alert. "Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living," the message told viewers. "Follow the messages onscreen that will be updated as information becomes available. Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies, as they are considered extremely dangerous." Was this a viral marketing effort from the producers of The Walking Dead? No, it seems as though some industrious hackers breached the station's emergency alert system, and sent out the bogus warning about zombies ...(Read Full Post)