Dems fear Ashley Judd is political Kryptonite in Kentucky Senate race

Ashley Judd is thinking about challenging Mitch McConnell in the 2014 election, and it is reportedly worrying local Democrats, even as the Beltway establishment is transfixed at the prospect of an attractive and energetic female celebrity emerging as a public face of the party.  The situation holds great potential for amusement, a veritable carnival of celebrity leftist foibles. Joshua Miller of Roll Call explains why the locals are worried: "If she runs, I think that it would be a catastrophe for a lot of downballot races in Kentucky," said Jimmy Cauley, a longtime Kentucky Democratic strategist who doesn't believe Judd can win a general election. Among Democratic state legislators, he said, "there is significant worry about Ashley being on the ballot." Democrats plugged into the Frankfort, Ky., zeitgeist publicly and privately confirmed those sentiments. The crux of their worry is this: As a celebrity and strong supporter of President Barack Obama, Judd's position at the top...(Read Full Post)