Defining Deviancy Down in Germany

Andrew E. Harrod
Germany's equivalent of the United States Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, ruled on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, that homosexuals in civil partnerships have a right to adopt children previously adopted by the other person in the partnership in the same manner as married husbands and wives. Previously homosexuals could only legally adopt a partner's biological child. This additional legal erosion of the distinctions between families resulting from a husband-wife marriage and homosexual living arrangements has all too predictably called forth yet more demands to break down the nuclear family unit. The German Green Party youth organization (Gr√ľneJugend or GJ) immediately commented upon the court's decision with a press release posted on the organization's website. The alternative-leftwing GJ predictably welcomed the court decision with the comment that questions of adoption "should be determined through multiple sensible factors," to which "sexual orientation, however, certainly...(Read Full Post)