Deepwater Horizon Update - BP's Rope-a-Dope Legal Strategy

During last year's Super Bowl Clint Eastwood made a big stir saying, "It's halftime in America". At that time Obama was riding high, and he and his thugs (e.g. Ken "Boot on the Neck" Salazar), AKA Oli-Bama and his Forty Thieves, were salivating at the prospect of destroying BP and other American oil companies. My how things have changed in just one year! BP has come to a comprehensive settlement agreement with the private sector plaintiffs' attorneys, which has just been approved in federal court in New Orleans. Phase One of the sequence of trials is now complete. The consequences for BP of the Deepwater Horizon accident for harm to the affected citizenry have been met. It cost BP a LOT of money! But, then again, BP did a LOT of Harm. But true to Tony Hayward's word, BP has paid or agreed to pay all legitimate claims. So we approach the start of Phase Two, the subsea intervention phase. Obama's gang has made a lot of big promises to voters both nationally and locally that they will...(Read Full Post)