Deepwater Horizon - The Unquenchable Expectations of the Politics of Envy

On Monday February 25 the civil phase of the Deepwater Horizon trial is set to begin. There will be a contest between those who want justice and those who want revenge, the "lynch mob." As one might guess, the federal government under Obama has been feeding the expectations of the mob. With his lapdog media allies trying to buy the affection of the masses in the face of declining circulation egging him on, expectations are sky high. The hometown newspaper, The New Orleans Times Picayune's editorial board, has written an editorial outlining the demands of the mob. The bottom line is simple: BP should pay the highest penalties possible to undo the grievous damage it has done. Those demands will not be met. Note that the board does not call for the highest, just, reasonable fines; they call for the highest possible fines. This in a city noted for political corruption! Maybe, the members of the board are just plain ignorant. But the term "lazy" does come to mind. Let us de-construct...(Read Full Post)