Chicago Tribune: Gerrymandering Made Jesse Jr. Do It

In case you missed it, the Chicago Tribune editorialized on Thursday about Jesse Jackson Jr.'s plea bargain deal with the feds.  The Tribune's editors, with a magnificent sense of the moral, argued that former Congressman Jackson was tempted into his crimes (fraud and theft related to campaign funds) because of the scourge of gerrymandering, the ancient American art of drawing congressional and state legislative districts every decade to the advantage of the party controlling a state.  Why Jesse Jr. didn't use the editors' shrewd argument in trying to fend off prosecution is only known to Jesse Jr. and his wife-in-crime, Sandi (who's headed to the hoosegow for filing false tax returns; could eHarmony have better matched this couple?).  Or maybe Jesse Jr. did float the gerrymandering argument as part of his mea culpa, only to have the feds guffaw.  The Tribune's editors had this to say: To the humiliation that Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi, imposed on...(Read Full Post)