Be Afraid of Obama's Climate Change

When you look too far into the future, you hop, skip, and jump over the present.  This is a college sophomore trick.  And so our regal pontificating sophomore, Obama, is all squishy and immature about climate change.  It receives priority in the SOTU.  He talks about green energy like it will save the nuclear ready earth -- the same way he talks about gun control as if it will stop man's insanity. Obama is a pseudo-religious man.  He sees magic cures everywhere.  He is probably in his closet studying Miracles 101 or watching Django Unchained and calling it art rather than an inducement to violence. The last thing we need is a wizard president who wants to wave his magic wand and save the world.  In the meantime, he bankrupts us with his solar panels, windmills, and electric cars. Solyndra was his baby.  So were Evergreen Solar and Beacon Power, to name a few. The economy is falling apart; unemployment is high; North...(Read Full Post)