Argentina Freezes Food Prices

If this were not true, it would be unbelieveable.  You could not make this up, let alone imagine it. Argentina's food prices are out of control. Just read that title, and  ponder what an absurdity that is. Argentina arguably has the best beef and grain growing regions on the planet. The Pampas are grasslands that run from the cooler south to the subtropical regions of the north.  They are roughly equal in size to the United States' agricultural zones; but with only one-eighth the population of the United States, almost all of Argentina's produce is available for export. Argentina has outproduced America  in beef products at times. A relatively small population blessed with an enormously large fertile agricultural base; it is inconceivable that Argentina should be having to freeze food prices. Yet, President Cristina Kirchner's Admistration is having to do just that.. When one looks at Argentina's history, one stands amazed at how its governments can make such...(Read Full Post)