Another Anti-Muhammad filmmaker could be deported to Pakistan to face an imminent death

After being granted asylum in Spain to escape threats to his life, Imram Farasat, might be deported back to Pakistan. Why would he be deported after being granted asylum?  Well it's all because he had the guts to voice his opinion.  More specifically, he created a film on Mohammad titled, "The Innocent Prophet" which goes through Muhammad's life and reveals the real Muhammad. Now most of you who are familiar with Islam know the true story of Muhammad, but for many Muslims and non-informed individuals the truth can be revolting to say the least.  And that's what happened to Farasat. The simple act of speaking out against Islam has put Farasat in a dangerous situation. If he is sent back to Pakistan he will most likely be assaulted or killed by those who don't take criticism of Islam lightly.  Even his attorney, Same Nunberg, fears for his life. Farasat has, in addition to creating an anti-Muhammad film, also described Islam as "political dictatorship which...(Read Full Post)