Andrew Cuomo: Abortion Practices Override Moral and Religious Objections

New York Governor and Roman Catholic Andrew Cuomo's apostasy on abortion now includes a greater measure of anti-liberty.  Cuomo is tearing a page from President Obama's failed attempt (thus far) to legally force religiously-affiliated hospitals and institutions to permit abortions at their facilities.  The Cuomo-backed legislation - innocuously termed the "Reproductive Health Act" - would disregard strongly held faith and moral objections to abortion to compel religiously-affiliated health care and counseling facilities to join the culture of abortion. From a National Review Online editorial: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo seeks to impose a radical new abortion regime on the state, one that goes far beyond the euphemistic byword "choice." The bill would in fact limit many choices, for instance the choice of Catholic hospitals and other institutions with moral objections to decline to allow abortions to be performed in their facilities. It would limit the choices of...(Read Full Post)