An innocent Sri Lankan maid is beheaded in Saudi Arabia

As James Lewis recently noted, Saudi Arabia is funding international death squads with an emphasis on hatred towards women. The Saudis are using their billions to export 7th century Arabian barbarism to the rest of the world, and the Iranian mullahs across the Gulf are exporting their version to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria. But basically it's two flavors of the same criminal ideology, which sanctifies rape and killing for the sake of Allah. As any Muslim theocrat will tell you, women are responsible for being raped. If they cover their bodies properly and are always escorted by their fathers or brothers, they would not be raped. On the other hand, if they escape their home jails and shame the family honor they deserve death. Because it doesn't fit their third world narrative of America bad, all others are oppressed by America good, President Barack Obama (D) and his feminist acolytes are blindly ignoring these outrages. But other "third world" countries, whose...(Read Full Post)