An Existential Threat to Liberal Ideology

All of the hysteria and panic from left-leaning politicians and media commentators over the last month or so regarding the dire consequences of sequestration have left me somewhat baffled. How could anyone possibly believe that growing the federal government's budget by something less than the ridiculous automatic scheduled annual growth rate of 7% could be catastrophic? In effect, the sequester would return the federal government to 2012 expenditure levels in 2013. Has inflation been so severe in the last twelve months that such a decrease in the increase would bring upon us wildfires, tainted meat, airport lines, and loss of all medical care? No, obviously not. But Democrats have governed for years under a paradigm that there is no prioritization in federal budgeting. According to the democratically controlled Senate, every single dollar the federal government spends is absolutely critical -- even more, equally critical. A dollar spent on defense matches exactly the importance of a...(Read Full Post)