A new verb

Vocabulary is important.  It is the means through which we make our argument, through which we move people.  The Left, the Democrats, the progressives and their media and academic constituencies have been very successful at defining the terms with which we discuss politics -- think "choice" or "spending cut" or "fairness." These forces have deployed all their weapons in the politics of personal destruction to remove or attempt to remove from the public forum effective exponents of the conservative and Republican argument.  We saw this with Newt Gingrich in the 1990's and very recently with Sarah Palin. Now we have Dr. Ben Carson exploding on the scene, not only with his life story, but even more significantly, with his ability to make the conservative argument.  We can now expect a tremendous effort on the part of the Lefties/Dems/progs to "get" him.  If there is any point of leverage against Dr. Carson, it will very likely be in some malpractice suit, an...(Read Full Post)