Women Have No Business in Combat

The Obama Administration is forcing the military to assign female soldiers in combat infantry roles. In a future engagement, the result is certain to be additional lost lives and possibly failure on the battlefield.The average man taking the Army Physical Fitness Test does better than 95 percent of the women. Today's space-age military may seem to need only push-button level strength requirements. However, modern combat has not yet become a giant video game. Differences in body strength are not a male conspiracy to deny women their role in the military. It is not prejudice -- 120 pounders just do not do well in physical confrontations with 200 pounders.All-male units experience bonding that enhances unit cohesion and effectiveness. When women are introduced, men stop relating to each other and begin relating to the women. It is simple human nature.In World War II, Soviet and German armies desperate for frontline troops placed women in combat, but then later barred them. Knowing what...(Read Full Post)