Why Should Only Governments Be Allowed Canine Protection?

With great interest, I read Thomas Lifson's blog piece about the Welsh government's attempt to legislate the sentencing of dog owners to two years in prison if their in-house canine obeys a pack animal instinct and bites an invading burglar, protecting his master or mistress and any other family members from harm.     Last spring, a mid-sized crowd stood on a Hudson River pier converted to a park in Midtown Manhattan and waited for the U.S. Navy's aerial demonstration team, The Blue Angels, to fly over during Fleet Week in New York City. I started a conversation with young man with closely cropped hair who brought his dog to the pier. My saying that the young man's dog looked like a Military Working Dog got him to reply that the dog was from the pound, an Akita and German Sheppard mix - and that he had been stationed in Iraq, not identifying his service branch. I told him that I had written an article (at AT) about attempts to defund the Advanced K-9 Training Course at...(Read Full Post)