What Did They Imagine?

Whenever the issue of gun-control is raised, you can, with absolute certainty, count on some poorly educated liberal to trot out the "our forefathers could not have possibly foreseen the destructive potential of future weapons" argument.  That is to say, the Second Amendment means we may constitutionally own only muskets (and that only if we are part of a regulated militia). This is an affirmative statement that the speaker ought to be capable of supporting.  Yet, as is so often true of the liberal worldview, no liberal will offer any support for it -- because he cannot, and he cannot because it is simply not true that the Founding Fathers lacked imagination when it came to weapons.  In fact, all they had to do was examine weapon development within their own lifetimes. At the time of the Revolutionary War, the American long rifle, one of the earliest guns to stabilize a projectile with a rifled bore, had really only come into its own a half century before, although...(Read Full Post)