Weary of the Spectacle

John Adams unwittingly described life in Barack Obama's America when he said "The whole drama of the world is such tragedy that I am weary of the spectacle."  Such weariness extends to Obama's second inauguration. It will be a tragic spectacle. Inauguration Day was once the greatest spectacle in ordered liberty. It may be thought of as a secular sacrament for our country. In the past, the occasion has been a celebration of the orderly transition of power, a non-partisan endorsement of the unique nature of the Constitution, and a rite of republican self-government. Inauguration Days have occasioned poetry from presidents, as in the case of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address, John F. Kennedy's address in 1961, and, forgotten to history, an appeal to what might have been in the case of the doomed James Garfield in 1881.  Yet the most important part of Inauguration Day is the president's taking of the oath. The president repeats the immortal words...(Read Full Post)