UN to probe US drone strikes

To their credit, the Obama administration has vastly expanded the use of drones in the war against al-Qaeda and its murderous affiliates. The "Drone War," conducted from Pakistan to Somalia has killed hundreds of high value terrorist targets, degrading the leadership capabilities of terror groups and forcing them into hiding where they are far less effective. That said, the drones have also caused many civilian casualties - a consequence of the fact that the terrorists use civilians as human shields. Pakistan, that publicly condemns the drone strikes while supplying us with intelligence and targeting information under the table, claims that more than 600 civilians have been killed by drones since 2006. Pakistan probably has an interesting definition of "civilian" but the point is made. At least 130 children have been killed in these strikes and while great care is taken to limit collateral damage, the attacks are a source of friction with Pakistan, and a target of condemnation in...(Read Full Post)