The turn of the House

The deal passed by the Senate last night to avoid the fiscal cliff will probably pass the House. The question is, how many Republicans will Speaker Boehner be able to count on to vote "aye" and can he control his caucus and prevent any amendments to the deal that could potentially torpedo the measure in conference. The Hill: Because tax rates have now increased on paper, voting for the Senate-brokered agreement might also be easier for some, because the bill is now one that cuts taxes, not one that maintains current tax levels. The easy Senate vote also bodes well for House passage.But it was still unclear late Monday night how House Republicans would react, especially given that the deal essentially avoids the $109 billion in planned spending cuts, and offsets that delay with some cuts and new tax revenue.House Republicans plan to huddle on the issue at 1 p.m. Before leaving Monday, House Republicans planned separate votes on some of these issues. For example, the GOP...(Read Full Post)