The plot to attack Hagel's critics

A window on the soul of the left has opened with the release of excerpts from an email chain revealing a coordinated effort to discredit critics of the Hagel nomination. The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the email chain containing comments by prominent leftists on how to advance the confirmation chances, not by advocating Hagel himself, but by attacking and discrediting his opponents. The people involved in this covert joint effort are some heavyweights. At the center is David Fenton, the veteran left wing media-manipulating mastermind, and one of the most important figures on the American Left. (Discover the Network's political biography of Fenton is required reading for any conservative who wants to understand how we lost the culture.) As Linton Weeks of the Washington Post put it, "He's not the poster child of liberal causes; he's the designer, producer and distributor of the posters." Adam Kredo of the DC: Fenton appears to have circulated the emails on a listserv maintained by...(Read Full Post)