The Libya story must be really bad if Democrats want to relive Iraq & WMDs

Give an A-plus to Senator Paul and Senator McCain for asking good questions.  Give a C-minus to Senate Democrats praising Sec Clinton and turning the hearing into "we love how much you've traveled for your country" show. Isn't traveling the world what the Secretary of State is supposed to do? Give a big F to Senator Durbin and Senator Murphy for "selectively" reminding us about Iraq & WMD's.  What a shameful performance from these two men!   The Benghazi story must be really bad if Democrats want to distract the public with "Bush bashing" about the Iraq War. Why didn't Sen Durbin or Sen Nelson ask Secretary Clinton about her Iraq War vote?  Who lied to her about WMD's?  Was it her husband President Clinton?   As I recall, President bombed Iraq in December '98 because of WMDs?  or what about The Iraq Liberation Act that President Clinton boasted about in '98? Can we finally get over...(Read Full Post)