Susan Eisenhower Takes Aim at the NRA

Susan Eisenhower recently took umbrage at the NRA's recent ad pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama having armed guards protecting his family while pushing gun control on America. Ms. Eisenhower points out correctly that President Obama's family requires Secret Service protection due to the high profile of his office. In today's world, there is no shortage of terrorists, lunatics, fanatics, and just plain aggrieved who would relish the opportunity to visit evil upon the leader of the free world in pursuit of their twisted priorities. She also points out that, having been the recipient of Secret Service protection as a child, she brings a unique perspective to this debate. Ms. Eisenhower criticizes the NRA ad as disgusting because it singles out the president's family when their high profile makes them an exception. I disagree that the NRA ad in question is over the top or disgusting. Yes, as a high profile leader, President Obama and his family do face a greater threat than the...(Read Full Post)