Senators agree to an outline of a bi-partisan immigration deal

It really looks a lot like the 2007 bill that was soundly rejected by Congress. There appear to be some elements that Republicans can support - border security, DREAM Act - and others, like the path to citizenship, that will be opposed. One way or another, some kind of immigration reform is going to pass the Senate and arrive on the House floor - probably by late spring. Politico: A powerful group of senators from both parties has reached a deal on the outlines of a comprehensive immigration overhaul, a development that will drive an emotional debate on a hot-button issue unseen in Washington for more than half a decade. The group is expected to unveil the basics of its proposal at a Monday news conference on Capitol Hill, essentially laying down a marker on the issue one day before President Barack Obama heads to Las Vegas to unveil more details about his own immigration proposal. According to a five-page document provided to POLITICO, the sweeping proposal - agreed to...(Read Full Post)