Selling Sex to Children OK, Capitalism and Fat Are the Real Enemies

It's been almost two years since pop diva Beyonce teamed up with Michelle Obama to fight childhood obesity. The First Lady's favorite role model donned hot pants and heels in a dance/exercise video for the $10 billion Let's Move initiative. The superstar bounded into a middle-school cafeteria performing her signature moves to a reworked version of the racy "Get Me Bodied."   The video got the White House seal of approval and is still posted on its website. The First Mother praised Beyonce for lending her unique talents to the war against fat. Well, Beyonce is at it again. The kids will be singing her slutty lyrics, drinking sugary soda pop and ogling the sexpot at the same time. The sexy siren has just entered into a $50 million dollar arrangement with the soft drink giant PepsiCo. It's a mega deal that allows Ms. Knowles control over the ad campaign without...(Read Full Post)