NY Times and WaPo: Islamist terrorists at Algerian gas complex were just 'militants'

Here we go again!  After a lengthy standoff in the Sahara desert, the Algerian army claims to have put an end to the takeover of a huge gas field and capture of dozens of hostages by Islamist terrorists affiliated with al-Qaeda.  But that's not the way the New York Times and the Washington Post reported the event on-line.  Both papers immediately cleansed the hostage takers, who terrified their captives by putting explosive belts around their necks, by describing them as just "militants."  The T-for-terrorism word was expunged from their dispatches. The Times' on-line headline reads:  "Militants Said to Kill 7 Hostages." Correspondent Adam Nossiter came closest to the T-word, but shied away by putting it between quotation marks to ensure that readers would know that it wasn't his doing.  Nossiter instead wrote that the Algerian army carried out a final assault on the gas field that had been taken over by Islamist "militants," killing 11...(Read Full Post)