Military Suicides and the Progressive Worldview

See also: A War still Rages within Them One of many charges Thomas Sowell lodges against the "intelligentsia" in the damning indictment that is his book Intellectuals and Society is the filtering of reality in order to fit their elitist worldview. That worldview, in summary, is that third parties or "surrogate decision makers" can make better decisions than individuals can make for themselves. It is a worldview that is predominately statist, anti-individual, anti-Western (America in particular), and anti-freedom (economic and otherwise). Another of the charges in Sowell's enlightening book is that intellectuals -- whom he defines neutrally as people whose occupations deal primarily with ideas -- have "verbally turned military heroes who put their lives on the line for their country into victims of war, people whom one might pity but never want to emulate." As evidence, he cites among other examples a front-page January 2008 article in the New York Times that "featured killings...(Read Full Post)