Looking for the Trillion Dollar Coin's Silver Lining

It is a hope of mine that one day thousands of years in the future when our nation is long gone, there will be some consequential relic left behind to guide future archaeologists when they try to piece together the fall of the American empire; that, among our ruins, they will find a historical object that announces: America disappeared from the face of the Earth as the result of a leader named Barack Obama. Up until recently, I never really believed such a thing could ever happen -- and then I heard talk of a Barack Obama trillion dollar platinum coin. Don't get me wrong, I stand firmly against the idea of minting a trillion dollar platinum coin being battered around by the present Obama administration.  I think it is stupid, irresponsible, and dangerous. But, should it come to be, I would hope the trillion dollar coin contained a silver lining.  For me, the trillion dollar coin's silver lining might just be that it would serve as the historical...(Read Full Post)