O'Reilly/Fox Hypocrisy

Last night (1/14/13) Bill O'Reilly devoted his "Factor Impact Segment of the day," (embedded below) to the limited coverage afforded Al Gore's sale of Current TV to Al-Jazeera. Joined by Bernard Goldberg, both men were in high dudgeon against Gore's obvious hypocrisy given the fossil fuel-funded outrages (i.e., myriad examples of jihadism/Sharia supremacism, anti-Westernism, general xenophobia, and Jew-and broader infidel-hatred) aired routinely on Al-Jazeera's Arabic network, owned by the Sharia-supremacist, Islamic totalitarian government of Qatar. But as if teeing up their hypocritical moral blindness for another devastating wallop at Fox by the Left's creepy little televangelist to the tetrahydrocannabinol-intoxicated, Jon Stewart, O'Reilly and Goldberg ignored News Corp (parent company of Fox News) CEO Rupert Murdoch's equally odious "partnerships, with Saudi Arabia and its Prince Bin Talal, the "Prince" holding a 7% share in Fox, while Murdoch has an 18.97% stake in Bin...(Read Full Post)