Kerry's Shocking Revelation

We all "know" that Obama "bravely" worked against Pakistan to capture Osama Bin Laden. Right? Well, not if you listened to the last 90 seconds of John Kerry answering questions from Senator Rand Paul last week: Said Kerry: "We had intelligence cooperation.; our folks were able to cooperate on the ground in Pakistan. That was one of the ways we were able to get to Osama Bin Laden... I don't think frankly the Pakistanis have gotten credit sufficiently for the fact that they were helpful [in capturing OBL]... It was Pakistan's permissiveness in allowing our people to be there that helped us tie the knots that focused on that, to some degree. Not exclusively obviously [because the radicals would reject it], but to some degree." I guess to shut up the radicals in Pakistan and to hype Obama's courage at home the story was sold that the U.S. acted unilaterally to take out OBL. This information also explains why the annual aid package continues to be sent to Pakistan despite their...(Read Full Post)