Japan cuts dole to ensure work pays better than welfare

Japan distinguishes itself from the other economically advanced countries by caring for the principle that people who work should have more stuff than people who go on the welfare rolls. The Kyodo News Service reports: Welfare benefits will be slashed by ¥74 billion over a three-year period starting from fiscal 2013, after a government panel found that some people are making more on the dole than the average low-income person who is not spends on living costs, it was learned Sunday. The decision to lower standard benefit payments by 6.5 percent was made by welfare minister Norihisa Tamura and Finance Minister Taro Aso. The reduction will hit in August. In the United States, a recent study in one state showed that to do better than taking advantage of all the services available to the nonworking, a family would have to earn about $65,000, far higher than the average wage. And in the UK, the mass circulation Sun today features a proud couple disdaining work, and glorying in all the...(Read Full Post)