Inside the Ringling Brothers court case

Yesterday I discussed how Ringling Brothers owners successfully fought back against "non profit public interest groups" which had charged it with mistreatment of their elephants. Today, the Washington Examiner offers more details: Feld countersued the groups and individuals that brought the suit against the company and, in the discovery stage, found proof that Rider [the plaintiffs' "inside" witness]had received payments totaling $190,000. Those payments cast so much doubt on the charges from the animal rights groups that the case was dismissed "with prejudice," meaning the case was found to be without merit to the point that the court blocked these groups from refiling it. Ever. The countersuit against the animal rights groups for conspiring to pay for false testimony, meanwhile, moves along. This past Friday, one of the main defendants -- the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -- settled its end of the countersuit by agreeing to pay Feld $9.3 million. The...(Read Full Post)