Illinois GOP Chair's disappointing stance

Welcome to Illinois, the state where morally corrupt Democrats and Republicans (with some exceptions, of course) abound. In a somewhat surprising and very disappointing move, Illinois GOP Chair Pat Brady is calling on Republican state lawmakers to cast a supportive vote for same-sex marriage. From Laurie Higgins of Illinois Family Action: On this the first working day of the New Year, the purported standard-bearer for conservatism in Illinois is busy calling Illinois Republican lawmakers, urging them to vote to destroy marriage ... IL GOP Chair Pat Brady is trying to convince Republican state lawmakers that marriage has no intrinsic connection to gender, sexual complementarity, or procreative potential... As Brady works to undermine marriage, the family, and, by the way, the Republican Party platform, he demonstrates the kind of intellectual and moral vacuity that Illinoisans have come to expect from their politicians.... Homosexuals are not being treated unequally, and they...(Read Full Post)