If They Were Baby Seals Instead of Just Babies...

Perhaps our pro-abortion friends will better understand why we pro-lifers oppose any tax-funded support for Planned Parenthood if we explain our opposition in a way that engages their sympathy: Suppose there were a company called Planned Parkas that manufactures very warm winter coats for people who otherwise would have difficulty obtaining them.  Planned Parkas provides a vital wintertime resource to low-income and homeless people from Bangor to Boise, so the federal government uses taxpayer money to support Planned Parkas -- except, of course, for that part of the operation that clubs baby seals, skins them, tans their hides, and sews their furs onto parka hoods.  (Baby seal fur is a very warm, durable, and practical trim.) Now, no taxpayer money goes directly to pay the men who club the baby seals, or to transport baby seal furs from the Arctic Circle to Planned Parka factories, or even to pay workers who sew baby seal fur onto hoods.  The law prevents that. ...(Read Full Post)