If the president is serious about curbing gun violence, this is what he needs to do.

On Sunday, gun rights groups boldly predicted that President Obama's attempt to place further restrictions on "assault weapons" and high capacity magazines will fail in Congress.  I hope they are right. Gun rights groups on Sunday forecast that bids to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips would fail in Congress, as Vice President Joe Biden prepares this week to give President Barack Obama proposals to curb gun violence. Even some congressional Democrats indicated that a bill to revive the U.S. assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 would have a difficult time winning passage in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives and Democratic-led Senate. "An assault weapons stand-alone ban - on just guns alone ... in the political reality that we have today, will not go anywhere," Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, himself a gun owner, told the CNN program "State of the...(Read Full Post)