Hostage death toll climbing in Algerian terrorist attack

A private TV station in Algeria believed to have good sources in the military announced that another 25 bodies had been discovered in the vast gas complex and that it was probable that the death toll would climb. Haaretz: Twenty-five bodies have been discovered by Algeria's army in the gas facility that was the scene of a bloody four-day hostage standoff in the desert, private Algerian television station Ennahar said on Sunday, adding that the operation to clear the base would last 48 hours. The bodies are believed to belong to hostages executed by the militants, said Ennahar TV, which is known to have good sources within Algerian security. Algeria's state news service said Sunday that de-mining teams were going through the gas refinery, searching for explosive traps left by the Islamic militants who took dozens of foreign prisoners. On Saturday, Algerian special forces stormed the natural gas complex in the Sahara desert, ending the siege that left at least 23 hostages...(Read Full Post)