Gay French Mayor Explains Why He's against Gay Marriage

It seems that France can now claim another cultural victory over the United States: not only has the nation succeeded in driving out a cheesy and overexposed actor, Gérard Depardieu (when can we finally unload Matt Damon onto the Russians?), but the French have bettered their American republican rivals in another category: smart gays. Yes, it's true.  The nation that gave us goat cheese, Bourbon revelry, Coco Chanel, and Isabelle Adjani (the illustrious star of Ishtar) takes the gâteau when it comes to gay politics.  Whereas in the United States Cynthia Nixon was nearly banished from LGBT citadels for saying she "chose" to start dating women, and she immediately retracted her statement lest Wayne Besen and Dan Savage send an airplane banner over her home saying "You can't pray the gay away!" or target her in a malicious "It Gets Better" campaign, in France, an entire half-dozen well-spoken, gorgeous, and unapologetically intelligent gay men have taken to the internet to...(Read Full Post)