French drive Islamists back in Mali

Oh those unilateral French, going into the tiny African country of Mali to forestall a takeover by Islamists. Where's the outrage? Where's the name calling? Where's the UN? I guess some interventions are more equal than others. BBC: French forces have continued to launch air strikes against Islamist militants in Mali and sent troops to protect the capital, Bamako. French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said rebels heading towards the central town of Mopti were attacked. A French pilot was killed, he said. French troops were deployed on Friday after Mali's army lost control of a strategically important town, Konna. Islamist groups overran huge areas of northern Mali last year. One of the groups, Ansar Dine, moved further south into Konna on Thursday. But Mali's government said forces recaptured the town after the French air strikes. Ansar Dine responded by threatening France with reprisals because of its intervention. In a separate development, West African bloc Ecowas...(Read Full Post)