Framing the Issues

The Democrats are playing a strategic game to recover the House in 2014. They are playing to win, and they are playing well. They are keeping the Republicans constantly on defense, not allowing them to frame the issues in ways which are clearly understandable to the American people and that show that Republicans are acting in the best interest of the American people. Obama had a big win with the so-called "fiscal cliff" issue. He got what he wanted. Higher taxes for everyone, not just the wealthy, and minimal decreases in spending. All Americans who earn a paycheck of any size had their taxes raised. Those who aren't working had their unemployment benefits increased. So the Obama policy of penalizing the productive and rewarding the unproductive continues. He also managed to avoid making any significant spending cuts. For every $14 in tax increases in the Fiscal Cliff bill, there was $1 of spending cuts. The net effect of the bill is an increase in spending by the Federal Government...(Read Full Post)