'El Culto'

We Cuban Americans have first hand experience with personality cults. In fact, Latin Americans know a thing or two about cults, from Evita Peron in Argentina to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. All of these cults have something in common: They make people feel good but nothing good happens in the long run. "El Culto" was in full display in Las Vegas this week. President Obama was welcomed by hundreds of students screaming "si se puede".  The speech was not very specific but the crowd was so invested in "el culto" that words really don't matter.  Yes, we have to admit that "el culto"  has overwhelmed too many hispanos.  They just love Obama, no matter what he says or accomplishes. Yes, "el culto" is alive and well,specially among Mexican Americans. Ironically, President Obama's campaign style speech came on the day that US GDP shrank in the 4th quarter!   Kind of weird to scream "si se puede" on the day that we learned that the US...(Read Full Post)