Confusion, secrecy, anger define Algerian hostage crisis

Without consulting any government whose citizens were being held hostage, the Algerian government launched a full scale military assault on the gas complex where al-Qaeda affiliated terrorists had captured at least 41 and perhaps as many as 60 westerners. At least 6 hostages died in the attack so far, which is ongoing according to British Prime Minister David Cameron. The terrorists claim that 35 are dead. And the Algerian government is angering western governments because they refuse to give any details or fill in any gaps. In short, no one knows who's alive, who's dead, who escaped, how many terrorists are left, or why the Algerians decided to go in. Washington Post: Nations with hostages in Algeria have reacted with muted anger to the North African country's decision to launch a military rescue mission without consultation. Privately, diplomats are furious and frustrated, but experts said Friday that their scope to react is limited by Algeria's importance as an...(Read Full Post)