Worrisome trends in American support for Israel

While overall support for Israel remains strong, with 50% of Americans sympathizing more with Israel, compared to 10% sympathizing more with the Palestinians, according to the latest Pew poll, worrisome trends exist. Elliott Abrams blogs at the Council on Foreign Relations: ...conservative Republicans are more than twice as supportive of Israel as liberal Democrats, among whom support for Israel is not very much greater than support for Palestinians. When I point out these numbers, and others like them, to Democratic Party leaders they usually get angry and say "Israel should not be a partisan issue. Stop making Israel a partisan issue." That's a foolish reply, for every poll I have seen in recent years gives the same general result. Support for Israel on the Left-in Europe, in America, in the Democratic Party-is eroding. That's an obvious fact. Pew also reports: There continue to be stark partisan differences in Middle East sympathies. Conservative Republicans maintain strong...(Read Full Post)